You may have backup systems in place, but a backup plan that isn’t proactively managed is no plan at all.

With Proactis’ Secure Program, we make sure your systems and data are protected. Then we manage and monitor everything in realtime. Our help desk is always available to troubleshoot and make recommendations under a competitive hourly rate.


Secure Program in Detail

  • Pay-as-you-go helpdesk

  • Managed workstation security

  • Managed server security

  • Data protection and backup: On-site and cloud

  • Managed patch and antivirus oversight

  • Email security

  • Mobile device management: Control sensitive data on employees’ mobile devices

  • Domain management

  • Hardware lifecycle management: Planning ahead for the end of equipment life can keep your bottomline looking good.

  • Great for businesses with simpler IT needs




Stawowski McGill

Discover how Stawowski McGill’s business doubled in size, due in large part to the fact that operations were now supported by a strong technology foundation.


Align with Proactis, and invest in your future.