Our Why


Aim higher than mere survival.

It’s hard to say exactly when it happened. But, at some point in the last few decades, technology went from being something trendy and new that businesses dabbled in, to being central to their success. In spite of that, so many businesses still treat Information Technology as a line-item expense—an annoying but necessary evil that just needs ad hoc, Band-Aid-like, attention.


It’s hardly surprising though, since the IT companies they employ to take care of their systems and software have no ambition to be more than just that—caretakers. They fix and they patch, with their eyes fixed solely on current issues and problems. Blind to the future, they offer no proactive thinking to make their clients’ businesses exponentially better. In our opinion, that is an insane way to treat what is the lifeblood of business in the 21st century. The Fortune 500 is a case study in how investing in IT can catapult companies forward, giving them far-reaching competitive advantages. Beyond just maintaining the status quo, and incrementally moving things along, real improvements made here can create brand new revenue streams, radically improve the morale and productivity of staff, turbocharge customer engagement, and cement supplier relationships.

So at Proactis, we’re not another gaggle of geeks sitting idly by for the next downed server, email glitch or incremental update. We offer businesses more than just status quo maintenance solutions.



We partner with enterprises to add value to their core competencies.

We present strategic thinking that invariably results in additions to their bottom line—not subtractions.

We understand that IT management is so much more than just finding better ways to push around bits and bytes.


IT is the business fundamental that delineates between survival and immortality.




We work with many vendors to provide high-quality products at reasonable prices for small businesses.

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We’re always looking for talented people to round out our growing team. If that sounds like you...


We would love to hear from you to discuss how Proactis can help your organization meet its goals.