Gain a competitive edge in the marketplace. Welcome to Proactis’
Grow Program.

This envelope-pushing plan enables business to fully capitalize on important
opportunities. Our experts design strategies that match the best technologies to your
goals, ensuring IT systems never hold you back—but propel you forward.


Grow Program in Detail

  • Works well in combination with our Focus Program

  • Flat, monthly fee

  • IT planning and road-mapping

  • Also available as a standalone VCIO service to audit your current IT operation, and provide ongoing IT strategy and oversight

  • Apps evaluation: Solve daily business challenges with the right cloud solutions

  • Training: Use your most important applications to their fullest potential

  • Unlock growth potential

  • Great for startups, or mature businesses with ambitious growth plans




True North Accounting

Discover how True North increased capacity and revenue with smart technology planning.


Align with Proactis, and invest in your future.